Your AI-powered Analyst – Connect, Converse, Collaborate
Unscrambl empowers business users to have natural language conversations with their data in Microsoft Teams through an AI-powered data analyst, “Qbo”.
Qbo offers built-in analytics to help you understand trends and patterns and identify segments and anomalies. It is always available in synchronous and asynchronous mode on mobile, browser, and desktop.
It is constantly connected to your data on-premise, on-cloud or in applications and provides a governed, secure data access & control.

Qbo’s Features & Functionalities

Qbo’s differentiators

Drive Data Literacy, Collaboration & Data-Driven decision making
  • Standardize definitions across the organization
  • Can be accessed from within Microsoft Teams
  • Supports collaboration via group chat
Connect to multiple siloed data sources and link them together
  • Single interface for accessing different datasets
  • Weave data stories that merge data from different sources
Simplify data access through ad-hoc queries
  • Ask questions on the data using natural language (English)
  • Drill into various metrics in infinite possible ways
  • Go from high-level analyses to specific data points to help take concrete actions
Providing augmented intelligence through configurable analytics
  • Descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive analytics
  • Configurable analytics without coding
  • Automation of entire analytics pipeline

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