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Neo4j – An ultimate graph data technology platform for the modern-day smart applications

Neo4j is the world’s leading graph database. Neo4j Graph Data Platform is a suite of applications and tools helping the world make sense of data.
The Platform includes the Neo4j Graph Data Science Library – the leading enterprise-ready analytics workspace for graph data – the graph visualization and exploration tool Bloom, the Cypher query language, and numerous tools, integrations and connectors to help developers and data scientists build graph-based solutions with ease.
The architecture is designed for optimal management, storage, and traversal of nodes and relationships. The graph database takes a property graph approach, which benefits both traversal performance and operations runtime.

Neo4j – Graph data platform with cutting- edge Technology Brilliance

Super-Fast Graph, Scalable Analytics with Highly Reliable Performance

Trusted by data scientists, developers and industry experts, Neo4j is one of the leading Graph Data platform Technology that enables high-end performance with scalable analytics. The definitive graph database technology is the most reliable platform for many enterprises for developing smart applications and augmented AI & ML pipelines with seamless workflow.

Better data predictions with augmented AI & ML

The key driving factor of Neo4j is it’s enormous and augmented production-ready algorithm library with path-breaking ML workflows. Neo4j, a native graph database, enables a deeper drill down of the analytics context and allows data scientists and analysts to incorporate a seamless network structure to enhance and leverage the capabilities of AI & ML to make better predictions with the data on board.

Neo4j – A Comprehensive Cloud Managed Service

At the core of the Neo4j Graph Data Platform is the Neo4j Graph Database, a native graph data store built from the ground up to leverage data and data relationships. Unlike other databases, Neo4j connects data as it’s stored, enabling queries never before imagined at speeds never thought possible.
This speed and efficiency advantage of the Neo4j Graph Database has driven dozens of business game-changing use cases in fraud detection, financial services, life sciences, data science, knowledge graphs and more.

Neo4j Graph Data Science (GDS) Library uses the relationships and network structures in data to help data scientists address complex system dynamics and group behaviour questions.
Businesses use these insights to make valuable predictions, such as pinpointing interactions that indicate fraud, identifying similar entities or individuals, finding the most influential elements in inpatient or customer journeys, and how to minimize the impact of IT, phone or other network outages.
Graph algorithms provide unsupervised machine learning (ML) methods and heuristics that learn and describe the topology of your graph. The GDS Library includes hardened graph algorithms with enterprise features, like deterministic seeding for consistent results and reproducible ML workflows.

Neo4j Bloom is an easy-to-use graph exploration application for visually interacting with Neo4j graphs. Bloom gives graph novices and experts alike the ability to investigate and explore graph data from different business perspectives visually.
Bloom’s illustrative, codeless search-to-visualization design makes it the ideal interface for fostering communication between peers, managers and executives and sharing the work of graph development and analytics teams.
In graph data science, Bloom enables data scientists to follow their intuition in exploring interesting patterns, visualizing algorithm results and streamlining conversations with subject matter experts.
Cypher Query Language: With Neo4j, connections between data are stored – not computed at query time. Cypher is a powerful, graph-optimized query language that understands and takes advantage of these stored connections.
Cypher describes nodes, relationships and properties with text-based symbols, making queries of graph data easy to read and understand.
Cypher queries are usually simpler and easier to write than an equivalent SQL query. Because Neo4j doesn’t have tables, there are no JOINs to deal with, and a simple Cypher statement often takes the place of many lines of SQL code.

Neo4j offers several connectors to facilitate the use of Neo4j in your particular architecture and provides instructional support for some third-party and community tools.
The Neo4j Connector for Apache Spark is an integration tool that bidirectionally moves and reshapes data between the Neo4j graph platform and Apache Spark and opens up the vast Spark Ecosystem to Neo4j.
The Neo4j Connector for Apache Kafka integrates Neo4j with Apache Kafka event streams to serve as a data source, for instance, change data (CDC) or a sink to ingest any Kafka event into your graph. Download.
Neo4j Connector for BI is a JDBC-compliant driver for third-party tools like Tableau, Looker, TIBCO Spotfire Server and Microstrategy. It allows those tools to execute SQL queries directly against a Neo4j server.
Neo4j Labs Integrations. The Neo4j Labs team is continually innovating to bring useful graph technologies like the Neo4j ETL Tool and the GRANDstack development stack to the Neo4j community as a way to test the functionality and extensions of our product offerings. These Labs projects are supported via the online community.

Neo4j provides sophisticated tools designed to make it easier to develop graph applications.
Neo4j Desktop is a convenient, free desktop application that allows developers to easily create, work with, and manage local Neo4j databases. The free download includes a Neo4j Enterprise Edition license.
Neo4j Browser lets you interact with your Neo4j database with full CRUD capabilities. You can view results in several formats, including graph visualization mode (for results containing nodes and relationships), tabular and JSON.
Whether you are just learning about Neo4j or testing out ideas, Neo4j Sandbox is a great way to get your own free, cloud-based instance of Neo4j launched in about 30 seconds without downloading or installing anything.

Why do Leading Businesses Choose Neo4J?

Performance leader in graph technology
Neo4j’s high-performance distributed cluster architecture scales with your data and business needs in real-world situations, minimizing cost and hardware while maximizing performance across connected datasets.
Grow Your Database Without Barriers:
Neo4j’s schema-less data model provides an extremely valuable concept-first approach when working on building and evolving a data model for changing business requirements, enabling developer velocity.
Optimized for Light-Speed Throughput:
Graph developers and data scientists find Neo4j the fastest path to productivity and insights. Get reliably fast transactions with ultra-high parallelized throughput even as data grows because the graph provides index-free adjacency; that shortens read time and gets even better as data complexity grows.
Unbounded Architecture:
Neo4j’s distributed high-performance architecture is fault-tolerant and guarantees data integrity (ACID compliant) in all topologies, ensuring safe scalability without compromising performance. The stateful, cluster-aware sessions with encrypted connections do not require load balancers to ensure all client requests are seamlessly redirected to the correct server.
Improve predictions using existing network structures:
Neo4J contains the most advanced, easiest-to-use graph analytics and machine learning workflows. Neo4j for Graph Data Science™ incorporates the predictive power of relationships and network structures in existing data to answer previously intractable questions and increase prediction accuracy.

Discover the Fastest-Path to Graph Database Productivity