Supercharge your BI platform. Instant insights on any data size

Kyvos – A superfast and reliable Cloud BI Acceleration Platform

Kyvos is the world’s fastest and most powerful BI acceleration platform that helps users query trillions of rows of data in seconds. By combining performance with elasticity, Kyvos enables you to scale out your BI while saving costs and without compromising on performance.
With unmatched performance, Kyvos utilizes Smart OLAP Technology to deal with the scale and complexity of today’s data. The ‘Smart Semantic Layer’ defines all your metadata and business logic in one place and create a unified data view for users across the enterprise.
Kyvos supports all major BI tools, including Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, Looker, Business Objects, Cognos, Power BI, Spotfire, and, as well as data science engines like R and Python.
Its simple and powerful cube design and supercharged query engines help you scale your business intelligence process while saving on costs without compromising on performance.

Kyvos – The future of Business Intelligence

Everyone needs to scale their BI initiatives from global financial institutions, pharma industries to eCommerce websites as the data is increasing substantially. And that's why you need Kyvos, as its BI acceleration platform simplifies enormous data with high-speed accessibility.

Kyvos – Cloud-Native BI Architecture for Unlimited Scalability

GTL help meet your enterprise BI goals

Analyze trillions of rows

Power up your BI tool to accelerate performance by analysing trillions of rows in no time.

Lower Cloud Costs

1000+ enterprise users can access unlimited qureies with no additional cost.

Migrate to next-gen OLAP

Leverage the modern OLAP by migrating to cloud scalability with no limitations.

Enable Self-Service BI

Self-Service BI eliminates the data modelling complexity and creates seamless access to users.

Kyvos – Instant insights for business leaders

Extract instant insights from the years of data stacks that help track key metrics that unleash the hidden opportunities in no time, answering your complex business data questions with accurate solutions.

Access to
Self- Services

Bottom Level
Drill Down


Centralized Source
of data

Kyvos reshapes your business by drilling down the years of historical data to the lowest level of data with speed and accurate business insights. The advanced BI accelerating platform help identify the distinct perspectives and compare the year-wise business insights to enhance future performance with better results.

Explore Updated Reports Instantly

Create Your Dashboards effortlessly

Use any BI Tool for data exploration

Unlimited Historical Data Analysis

Share Reports Collaboratively with Teams

Centralized Source of Data

Kyvos Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kyvos?
Kyvos is a BI acceleration platform for big data and cloud platforms that delivers quick insights on trillions of rows from both on-premise data lakes and the cloud. The cloud-native BI acceleration platform empowers instant analytics on extensive data on the cloud.
What is Kyvos Smart OLAP?
Kyvos Smart OLAP is a multidimensional, superfast, scalable, and intelligent ML-powered analytics technology. It helps build extensively scalable OLAP cubes on trillions of data rows with ultra-speed and the ability to drill down to the lowest level of data to get instant insights. The technology enables enhanced BI acceleration on the cloud with increased performance and enormous scalability.
How Kyvos help meet your BI goals?
Kyvos enables quick and smart decision-making for the business leaders to analyze the historical data in minutes to uncover prospective business insights. Kyvos help BI analysts easily create a centralized data source, converting complex business data into simplified data models for instant analysis. The IT experts can maximize the cloud ROI by optimizing resource consumption with low-cost analytics on significant datasets.
Why choose GTL for Kyvos?
GTL, an industry leader in Full-Stack BI and Data Analytics Services, offers a host of strategic Services to improve data planning, reduce costs and accelerate BI Adoption, enabling Clients to reduce the time-to-value significantly. GTL allows your enterprise to leverage the Kyvos Smart OLAP Technology to deal with data at a massive scale on modern platforms enabling thousands of users to analyze trillions of rows of data in seconds.

Accelerate your cloud BI with the power of Smart OLAP