Self Service Data Analytics Platform with advanced data science capabilities

Alteryx is the Analytics Automation Company. With unified analytics, data science and business process automated in one end-to-end platform, it accelerates the digital transformation of your business. Alteryx’s human-centred, engaging analytics automation platform helps you harness the flood of complex data to solve real-world problems quickly.
The Alteryx APA platformTM provides hundreds of automation building blocks for data prep and blending, diagnostic and predictive analytics, autoML, and code-free data science. The no-code/low-code, the self-service platform requires no specialized skillsets and is designed to put automatic in the hands of all data workers; it can automate analytics and data science pipelines, manage complex data-centric business processes and deliver actionable insights to stakeholders in every line of business. Thousands of organizations globally use Alteryx to deliver quick wins and high-impact business outcomes.

From Data to Discoveries to Decisions – In Minutes

Why do people & organizations need analytics automation from Alteryx?

Transformation to digital business is a clear imperative for all organizations, and data is at heart.
As data complexity rises and volume triples in the next 3 years, there is only one way to control complexity: data quality automation, analytic insights, and advanced predictions.

Reasons to expand with Alteryx:


Enable and upskill many more people to be impactful to the organization with easy, self-service access to data, analytic insights and predictions.


Provide teams and departments with the ability to automate complex and tedious business processes associated with acquiring, normalizing and analyzing high-quality data.

Advanced auto ML (machine learning) capabilities to produce predictive analysis, not just reactive.

Tangible ROI in five key areas to transform business
outcomes and workforces

Top-Line Growth :

Grow revenue by optimizing pricing and volume and targeting real customers.

Bottom-Line Returns :

Reduce operational expenses and outsourcing costs globally with a real customer.

Efficiency Gains :

Ramp up productivity and speed of decision-making with automation.

Work force Upskilling:

Enable your workforce to self-serve automated outcomes with low code, out-of-the-box automation building blocks.

Risk Reduction :

Proactively identify anomalies, breakdowns, and other business interruptions.

Customer Experience :

Drive growth by delivering and prioritizing customer outcomes.

Automate your analytics and optimize your business outcome

Goldstone Technologies Limited is a Premier
Tier Partner with Alteryx. We license re-sell
and offer consulting services on Alteryx

Our localized sales and pre-sales experts on Alteryx help drive quick demos, provide guided evaluation of the platform, and present relevant case studies to help you choose Alteryx for your organizational BI needs.