Supercharge your BI platform. Instant insights on any data size

Kyvos is the world’s fastest and most powerful BI acceleration platform that helps users query trillions of rows of data in seconds. By combining performance with elasticity, Kyvos enables you to scale out your BI while saving costs without compromising performance.


With unmatched performance, Kyvos utilizes Smart OLAP Technology to deal with the scale and complexity of today’s data. The ‘Smart Semantic Layer’ defines all your metadata and business logic in one place and creates a unified data view for users across the enterprise.


Kyvos supports all major BI tools, including Tableau, MicroStrategy, Excel, Looker, Business Objects, Cognos, Power BI, Spotfire, and, as well as data science engines like R and Python.


Its simple and powerful cube design and supercharged query engines help you scale your business intelligence process while saving on costs without compromising performance.

How Kyvos helps achieve your data goals

Unmatched Performance :

Query trillions of rows in sub-seconds. Enable concurrent access to thousands of high-performance users for both warm and cold queries.

Smart OLAP Technology :

Deal with the scale and complexity of today’s data with the disruptive OLAP technology. Advanced algorithms enable aggregations on huge cardinality and massive volumes, and ML-powered Smart Recommendation Engine brings in the intelligence required to build smarter aggregates on modern data platforms.

Intelligent Semantic Layer :

Define all your metadata and business logic in one place and create a unified data view for users across the enterprise. Translate complex business use cases into accurate data models with advanced features.

Save set-up costs with Elastic BI :

Reduce querying costs without compromising on the performance with our build-once-query-limitlessly approach. You can deal with varying loads and cut down costs further with our scheduled autoscaling feature.

Integrate with BI & Data Science Tools:

Connect visualization and analytics tools to Kyvos cubes with industry-standard connectors and APIs.

Open API and Library Connectivity using SQL or MDX queries full JAVA and REST APIs, or existing libraries like OLAP4j or Python’s OLAP, XMLA. Advanced plugin for Excel with high-end visualization capabilities.

Supports all modern data Platforms :

Installs on clusters located in the cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments. Native support for all cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and GCP. Support for Cloud Data Warehouses such as Snowflake, Amazon Redshi¬ft, and Google BigQuery and the latest releases of Cloudera, MapR, and Apache Hadoop.

Scale-Out Architecture:

Active load balancing helps you scale deployment for thousands of users across the enterprise. Kyvos delivers near-linear scalability with minimal degradation as new users are added while providing enterprise-class high availability.

Simple & Powerful Cube Design :

Define relationships between datasets with a simple drag and drop designer. Build intelligent aggregates with a Machine learning-powered Smart Recommendation Engine. Support for scheduled and automated incremental cube builds. Intelligent resource monitoring helps optimize resource usage.

Best-in-Class Security Framework :

Integrates with enterprise security systems like Knox, Ranger, and Sentry, as well as custom APIs. Kerberos authentication and support for multiple LDAP accounts. TLS encryption with Mutual Authentication for all internal communication and authentication-related information throughout the cluster. and more…

Accelerate your cloud BI with the power of Smart OLAP