Full Time
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Experience : 6+ years
Location : Hyderabad


Deliver BI Project (majorly Tableau) within constraints (schedule, features / functionality, and budget)
Ensure quality execution in the delivery of a product/service/solution to drive satisfaction, loyalty, and the Customer Partner Experience

Envisioning and Initiating:
Project Charter and Business Case: Understands the services to be provided, the project goals and objectives, constraints, terms and conditions, and what is in scope and out of scope to be delivered.
Requirements Baseline: Able to facilitate proof-of-concept, prototyping, interviewing/workshops or other techniques of gathering requirements.

Statement Of Work (SOW)
Scope Statement and Baseline: Ensures the scope statement is clearly understood and as agreed to by the project team, customer, and other stakeholders.
Project Plan: Ensures that the project plan is complete and determines the overall project management plan for use in managing and controlling during project execution.

SOW (Schedule and Cost)
Task and Duration Estimating: Able to create tasks and their sequence given the scope statement/description of services at sufficient enough detail for duration estimate to be developed.
Schedule Development and Baseline: Able to select and perform appropriate mathematical analysis (e.g. critical path method, schedule optimization), gain acceptance, create the schedule baseline, and the process for schedule change control.
Cost Development and Baseline: Able to allocate overall costs to tasks, associate any billing codes, gain acceptance, create the cost baseline and the process for cost change control.

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