The world’s most reliable, secure and automated data pipeline service
Fivetran data connectors continuously replicate data from your business sources into your cloud warehouse, so you’ll always have the information you need — no matter how many apps you use or queries you run.
With Automatic adjustment to schema and API changes, Fivetran provides 180+ data connectors. Users would require zero maintenance, and the data replication is fully managed in-house with 99.9% platform uptime. Fivetran also offers in-warehouse transformations with custom logic and views, prebuilt connectors, rapid data access via incremental loads, complete data and schema replication, and rapid recovery from failure.

Why Fivetran ?

Fivetran is a key component of any “land and expands” cloud strategy aiding in enhanced cloud adoption.
Fivetran elevates data automation by eliminating the need to manually develop and maintain data pipelines, enabling your data team to focus on extracting valuable insights from data.

Service-based Simplicity

In the Fivetran age of doing data differently, all it takes is one centralised platform and mechanism to get data from enterprise tools into the data warehouse of choice.

Purpose-built for cloud-first data integration

Fully-managed extract, load, transform (ELT) offering that integrates SaaS and on-premises data stores with cloud DBMSs.

Data Reliability and Integrity

Capabilities such as automatic schema migration, self-healing pipelines with auto-recovery and managed response ensure data reliability and integrity.

Low total cost of ownership (TCO)

Fivetran is software-as-a-service (SaaS) and offers a consumption-based pricing model with no upfront costs.

Easy to use

Fivetran makes setting up data pipelines simple. Our intuitive user interface allows data teams to integrate a data source with a target destination in 5 minutes.

Support for 180+ data connectors

Fivetran boasts an ever-growing list of connectors configured to migrate and synchronize data with a cloud data warehouse quickly.

Integrated transformations

Support more complex and customized data modelling with Fivetran’s in-warehouse transformations, powered by DBT.

Broad use case support

Fivetran accommodates a broad array of holistic data analytics use cases such as marketing, sales, support, finance, and operational analytics.

Comprehensive documentation

Fivetran provides comprehensive documentation to help developers and data teams quickly get started and understand how to solve more complex data integration needs.

Query-ready schemas

Fivetran automatically creates digestible and ready to query schemas, making it easy to support data analytics and operational use cases. Schemas are maintained by automatically propagating source schema changes into target destinations, minimizing data team requirements.

User community

Fivetran boasts a robust user community to enable ongoing feedback that drives innovation and product enhancements. If you are keen to accelerate your cloud analytics adoption, then get in touch to understand how Goldstone Technologies can help.

Modernize ELT for your data stack while supercharging your data security