Company Description: One of the Leading retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores.
Domain: Supply chain Management
CCurrent Data Landscape: SQL Server, MySQL
Reporting Database: Excel Sheets

Traditional Solution Model


  • IT team extracts data from various databases like SQ Server, Amazon Aurora, MySQL etc.
  • After extracting data IT team performs ETL operation like data cleansing, data quality management and present the
    fresh data to Business Analyst.
  • Business Analyst analyse the data and perform Diagnostic and Descriptive analysis. After Analysis, BI create reports and send it to the business User.
Reports Description:

  • With the help of model, reports on Inventory management were created to review the status of the inventory by location, Time Period and discrepancies Between Item information and account information.
  • The report on Engagement survey gave information on important success factor that helped us to build a higher performance organization.
Problem Statement:

  • Sharing or inviting others to collaborate on your Excel requires a level of additional configuration, precautions, and sometimes even third-party plugins.
  • Wading through a million rows of data scattered in disparate workbooks makes figuring out data story overwhelming.
    It make us lost, spending hours searching for the data that you want to focus on.
  • Seeing rows in a spreadsheet isn’t a very compelling way to dig into the data or present the analysis.
  • IT Driven Reports
  • Static Reports
  • Time Consuming

Tableau’s Approach For Solving Company’s Problem Statement:

Company can directly fetch the data from Microsoft SQL Server as Tableau maintains a direct connection with Microsoft SQL Server eliminating the intermediate.

Tableau Solution Model:


  • With tableau, reports generation was so easy and helpful that demand for these reports and more specific analysis increased.
  • At a same time the company started getting data from many unrelated Sources, it became difficult for company to manage these many unrelated data sources earlier.
  • With Tableau how quickly we can drill into data and see the results.
  • Tableau empowers the whole organization. It brings advanced analytics into the hands of people who don’t have an
    analyst’s or programming skill set.

  • With Tableau Implemented Solution Business Analyst team able to make more of a data story as opposed to more static views.
  • The key advantage of using Tableau at this point is to insert a little bit more creativity, a little bit more flair into presentations, and people tend to receive that a little bit better.

Tableau’s Approach For Solving Company’s Problem Statement:

1. Product Availability

  • The Product availability dashboard solves the problem by analysing product availability by category, supplier, day, and store region.
  • Retailer can also use the availability Target Tracker to make decisions about raising inventory to meet demands

End User: Sales Manager, Consultancy Developers
KPI’s: Product Availability,

2. Promotional Optimization

  • This dashboard allows retailer to know exactly what happening leading up to a promotion, is during the promotion, and will highlight potential inventory stock and availability issue early in the promotion cycle.

End User: Account Managers
KPI’s: Stock, Lost Sales, Sales Volume


Tableau Desktop Trial Version: (14 days trial version)
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