Tableau Office Hours

Data Modelling in Tableau.

What to choose When?








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Tableau Office Hours is intended for people new to or currently using Tableau developer licenses, BI and Analytics professionals, Data Analysts, Data Scientists and want to explore data modelling and table relationships to get the right analysis.

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Session Agenda:

11:00 AM-11:10 AM: Introduction about Tableau Office Hours and Goldstone Technologies Ltd.

11:10 AM-11:30 AM: Data Modelling and Type of Data Modelling.

11:30 AM- 11:50 AM: Live Doctored Sessions about Table Relationships and Joins.

11:50 AM: -12 PM: Q&A session.

Take away:


The Tableau Data Model.


Layers of the Data Model: Logical and Physical layer in Tableau.


How Relationships differ from Joins: Tableau 2020.2 release.

When and how to use Relationships, Blending etc.
Sample Use Case to relate to your data and business analysis.

About Tableau Office Hours

Joins. Relationships. Blends. Unions. Too many data modelling options but not clear on which one to use when? This is a major challenge that many customers face while connecting to multiple tables from multiple databases or sources.
Welcome to the first episode of ‘Tableau Office Hours’, where we, Goldstone Technologies Ltd., help organizations overcome data-related roadblocks leveraging Tableau to uncover highly analytical and actionable insights.