Customer Success Stories

Rakesh Masala (Rakesh Group) wanted better insights into their purchase data and analysed or spotted any trends/patterns that could help them take better business decisions.
GoMechanic optimized their Ad campaign strategy through different marketing channels leading to almost 100% increment in their call flow.
Simplilearn uses Tableau to determine right completion criteria for courses and hence improved overall completion rate by more than 15%
Simplilearn with Tableau improves overall Learner experience by improving Agent handle time by more than 70% and reducing ticket reopen by approximately 6%

TATA 1MG leverages Tableau’s analytics capability to optimize delivery Turnaround time and decrease order cancellation by over 25%

Zeotap setup data driven culture across organization through Tableau, which helps in smooth reporting of data attribute linkages from its ID graph
Coverfox uses Tableau to reduce integration failures by 30% – 40%
Moengage uses Tableau to analyze the Geo level Uninstall trends to understand end-user behavior and provide appropriate recommendations to Client strategy.
Tableau helped Acumen in ensuring the management of their clients’ assets in 3 countries with a 35-40% time and effort savings in terms of data mining and analysis.
DuPont Sustainable Solutions uses Tableau Embedded Analytics to provide deeper insights into incidents to 1000+ users with a 40% time reduction in terms of report generation.
Agrometrics leverages Tableau to track harvest and generate real time reports to empower their workforce on field.
Agrometrics leverages Tableau to streamline their inventory management and better forecast their supply based on the demand.
BHFL cuts down the enormous effort of creating dashboards for respective business functions using Tableau.
BHFL uses Tableau to enable their Risk Management Team to monitor & reduce potential risks through streamlined data review
BHFL uses Tableau to streamline their Operations by having a unified system with organization level escalation details enabling them to take necessary actions and improve the overall operational process & Efficiency.
6dTech uses Tableau to enable its customers to track through various stages of the order lifecycle.
Revealer – India’s largest gadget retailer combined data from different data sources and optimized customer stocks , saving a potential loss of USD 50 Million.
Games 24×7 uses Tableau to implement self service BI for end users enabling the analysis through parameters, reducing the reporting time by 70%.
SatSure uses Tableau to enable its customers to make quick and effective decision making by reducing the time to analyse spatial data by 55%.
Care Risk Solutions uses Tableau to deliver faster and more accurate information to decision-makers based on updated pricing information.

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