Goldstone is Tableau No.1 partner

Gold Tier partner reseller in India for 2019

Business intelligence and Analytics with Tableau

Our business intelligence consulting services provide companies and enterprises a wealth of BI solutions, leveraging Tableau as a analytics software platform

BI Landscape

The aspect of BI design involves careful analysis of existing infrastructure, data sources, data engineering and the analytics layer for creating a BI landscape with an objective to build a robust, secure and scalable BI deployment in conjunction with business goals. With our in depth experience of working with some of the start-ups to major enterprise customers, we are experts in guiding you in the right path.

Data discovery

Unlock and act upon the insights contained within your data with Goldstone’s data discovery framework. We help transform unstructured data to facilitate and enhance its analysis and turn them into actionable insights

License Sales:

Goldstone has been recognized as a No.1 Gold tier reseller partner in India for FY 2019 – 2020. With strong sales presence in all the regions and adept technical Pre-Sales, we could help you go-live with tableau in an extremely short timeframe


We at Goldstone love to continuously learn and innovate using Tableau. The Tableau training workshop was born from a desire to share our knowledge and skills with customers, empowering every user to take part in their organization’s BI journey and equip them with the tools necessary to succeed.


Ace the art of storytelling by leveraging our Visual Dashboarding services. We work with you to understand your technical environment, business logics, KPIs and build world class, visually appealing and insightful dashboards enabling you to take smart business decisions for growth


Be it end – end project delivery of a BI Landscape or resources based assignment, Customer is at the focal point of all our consulting engagements, with the passion to complete each endeavour with high performance delivery.

Customer stories

Care Risk Solutions uses Tableau to deliver faster and more accurate information to decision-makers based on updated pricing information.
SatSure uses Tableau to enable its customers to make quick and effective decision making by reducing the time to analyse spatial data by 55%.
Games 24×7 uses Tableau to implement self service BI for end users enabling the analysis through parameters, reducing the reporting time by 70%.
Revealer – India’s largest gadget retailer combined data from different data sources and optimized customer stocks , saving a potential loss of USD 50 Million.
BHFL cuts down the enormous effort of creating dashboards for respective business functions using Tableau.
6dTech uses Tableau to enable its customers to track through various stages of the order lifecycle.
BHFL uses Tableau to enable their Risk Management Team to monitor & reduce potential risks through streamlined data review
BHFL uses Tableau to streamline their Operations by having a unified system with organization level escalation details enabling them to take necessary actions and improve the overall operational process & Efficiency.
Agrometrics leverages Tableau to track harvest and generate real time reports to empower their workforce on field.
Agrometrics leverages Tableau to streamline their inventory management and better forecast their supply based on the demand.
Business Intelligence

A powerful BI visualization software platform that helps businesses see and understand their data. Tableau helps make informed decisions faster by transforming data into highly-actionable and value- driven insights.

Goldstone is a Gold tier re-seller and implementation partner with Tableau.

Data Visualization:

  • Connect, transform and translate heterogeneous data into single comprehendible interface
  • Get real time insights on business critical KPIs
  • Assess your business with a 360o dashboards view
    • Deploy at scale on the best in class analytics platform

Consulting Services:

Hire an expert!

With the right resources and industry best practices, Goldstone Technologies accelerates the process of BI implementation. Analysts can leverage freed up time to focus on data analysis and insights, which in turns helps business users to make faster and better decisions.

  • Define a data strategy and implementation roadmap, in alignment with the business goals
  • Review and audit existing data to identify inconsistencies, anomalies and incompleteness
  • Connect and unify data from all your data sources, including cloud, on-prem and other data sources, to build a single source of truth
  • Clean, refine and transform the data for ease of analysis
  • Build visual dashboards for consumption of relevant stakeholders enabling them

Training & Professional services:

Goldstone provides intensive training program customized to your business requirements making your tableau learning faster, smarter and better. Goldstone’s Tableau training offer best practices and hands on experience with the platform that delivers high ROI and makes sophisticated data analysis a reality for everyone.

Technical Support Services:

Our Technical Support services, maintain, and enhance your Tableau implementation that is critical for your business. As an experienced Technical Support partner, we will work with you to establish well-defined process strategies, data cleansing models, dashboard building best practices that support your business objectives. Effective optimization models ensure predictable service levels and cost advantage.

Some of our service offerings include:

  • Technical service desk support
  • User training and assistance

Tableau pricing and subscriptions

Self-Service Data Analytics Platform

Alteryx is a leader in Analytic Process Automation (APA).
The Alteryx APA platform unifies analytics, data science and business process automation in one easy-to-use platform to accelerate digital transformation.
It’s a platform that can discover, prep, and analyze all your data, then deploy and share analytics at scale for deeper insights

License Sales:

Goldstone is an Associate License Reseller Partner with Alteryx.
Our localized sales and pre-sales experts on Alteryx helps drive faster demos,
guided evaluation of the platform and in presenting relevant used case studies to help you make an informed decision on choosing Alteryx for your organizational BI needs.

Consulting Services:

Leverage our highly capable technical resources for:

  • Data Preparation: Master your data landscape. Our experts can Connect, blend, and prepare it.
  • Data Management & Discovery: Create a foundation of data truth.
  • Advanced Analytics: Raise your analytics bar with prescriptive, predictive analytics and data mining.
    Tap into in-database analytics and processing to do it all, at scale.
  • Location Intelligence: Geo Spatial and demographic insight is the new analytics playing field for competitive advantage.
    Visualize it faster with Alteryx
  • Data Science & Decisions: Upskill your team’s analytic output with step-by-step guides and assisted modeling to build models without coding or analytics expertise.

Hire an expert on a T&M basis for effective adoption and implementation of the platform or simply outsource your BI implementation in a project engagement model.
Get in touch for advice on any of our service offerings


Secure and easy access to any data with near-infinite scalability

Snowflake is designed with a patented new architecture to be the centerpiece for data pipelines,
data warehousing, data lakes, data application development,
and for building data exchanges to easily and securely share governed data.
The result is a platform delivered as a service that’s powerful but simple to use.

  • Any cloud: Snowflake’s cloud data platform supports a multi-cloud strategy
  • Secure: Snowflake’s multi-cluster shared data architecture enables governed and secure data sharing in real time
  • Near Zero Management: Snowflake eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional platforms and big data solutions.
    Snowflake is a true data platform-as-a-service, running in the cloud.
  • Pay Only for What You Use: Per-second, usage-based pricing for compute and storage means you only pay for the amount of data you store and the amount of compute processing you use.
  • Compelling Performance: Snowflake processes queries and tasks in a fraction of the time conventional on-premises and cloud data platforms require.
  • Broad Ecosystem: You can rapidly integrate Snowflake with custom and packaged tools and applications.
  • Diverse Data: Snowflake can support all of your business data, whether from traditional sources or newer machine-generated sources, without requiring cumbersome transformations and tradeoffs.
  • Failover and Business Continuity: Replicate data across cloud regions, across cloud providers, and keep data and apps where they are, while operating confidently with failover and business continuity.

Contact us for licenses sales, guided evaluation of the platform and more information. Get the help you need to modernize your data architecture.

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