Empowering Learners with Data Analytics Skills

Knowledge & information is power!

As both enterprises and societies are increasingly knowledge-based and data-driven, education and skills are indispensable to achieve economic success and social development.It is imperative to become a continuous learning society & organization.

The GTL Akadēmia has been created for this endeavor.


To make an important contribution by understanding, facilitating and shaping the direction of future developments in the areas of Digital Transformation & Analytics.


To ignite the participant’s curiosity and enhance his knowledge to implement a data driven decision making culture in his work environment.

Continuous Learning Path:

The GTL Akadēmia offers custom-built programs for GTL Clients (customers and partners) as well as GTL Employees to enable them to enhance their knowledge in the area of Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Analytics (DA).

Over 70 courses have been identified and categorized based on Products, Technologies and Concepts in the space of BI and DA. Of these, 19 courses are part of the inaugural programs.

Inaugural Programs


1. Tableau Basics
2. Tableau Advanced
3. Power BI
4. Alteryx Basics
5. Alteryx Advanced


1. Python Intro
2. Python Libraries
3. ML Algorithm – Regression
4. ML Algorithm – Classification
5. Feature Engineering
6. Features Selection


1. ML Algorithm –
Intro & Overview
2. Master Data Management
3. Data Science
4. DB Concepts
5. Data Literacy
6. Data Awareness
7. Data Lifecycle Diagnostics &
8. Data Governance Framework

GTL Akadēmia Delivery Lifecycle

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