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Annual Reports
Results Of AGM-28.09.2018-GTL AGM-28.09.2018-GTL
Annual Report 2017-18 AR-GTL-2017-18
Results Of AGM-28.09.2017-GTL AGM-28.09.2017-GTL
Annual Report 2016-17 AR-GTL-2016-17
Results Of AGM-30.09.2016-GTL AGM-30.09.2016-GTL
Annual Report 2015-16 AR-GTL-2015-16
Results of AGM-29.09.2015-GTL Results Of AGM-29.09.2015-GTL
Annual Report 2014 15 AR-GTL-2014 15
AGM 2013 - 2014 Results Of AGM Held on 27-09-2014-GTL
Annual Report 2013 14 AR-GTL-2013 14
Annual Report 2012 13
Annual Report 2011 12
Annual Report 2009 10
Annual Report 2009 10
Annual Report 2008 09
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Financial Results
UFR 2018-19 UFR-Q1 UFR-Q2
UFR 2017-18 UFR-Q1 UFR-Q2 UFR-Q3 AFR-Q4
UFR 2016-17 UFR-Q1 UFR-Q2 UFR-Q3 AFR-Q4
UFR 2015-16 UFR-Q1 UFR-Q2 UFR-Q3 AFR-Q4
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Corporate Announcements
Outcome of Board Meeting 12.11.2018 Download
Notice of Board Meeting 05.11.2018 Download
Outcome of Board Meeting 13.08.2018 Download
Notice of Board Meeting 04.08.2018 Download
Outcome of Board Meeting 30.05.2018 Download
Notice of Board Meeting 23.05.2018 Download
Investor Contact
Company Secretary
Goldstone Technologies Limited
Amarchand Sharma Complex
S.D.Road, Secunderabad 500003 Tel: +91-40-27807640
Fax: +91-40-39120023
CIN: L72200TG1994PLC017211
Code of Ethics
Code of Ethics
Whistle Blower Policy
Un-claimed Dividend
Un-claimed Dividend
Postal Ballot
Results of Postal Ballot -GTL-10.10.2014 Download
Postal Ballot 201415           
Other Disclosures
Sukhjinder Kaur Appointment letter Download
Terms of Appointment of Mr.Vedula Venkata Ramana-Independent Director Download
Terms of Appointment of Ms.Janaki Kondapi-Independent Director Download
Terms of Appointment of Mr.K.S.Sarma-Independent Director Download
For Investor Grievances

please contact
Mr.Thirumalesh T
Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
9-1-83 & 84, Amarchand Sharma Complex
Sarojini Devi Road, Secunderabad-500003
Contact No: +91 40 40313285/86/87/88
E-mail ID:

Board Meeting Notices
Board Meeting 14th Feb, 2018 Download
Board Meeting 25th May, 2017 Download
Board Meeting 29th July, 2016 Download
Board Meeting 18th May, 2016 Download
Board Meeting 23rd January, 2016 Download
SSPL_2017-18 Download
SSI_2017-18 Download
SSI_2016-17 Download
SSPL_2016-17 Download
SSI-2015-2016 Download
SSI-2014-2015 Download
SSSPL-2015-2016 Download
SSSPL-2014-2015 Download
Other Policies
Code of Independent Directors Download
Policy on Related Party Transactions Download
Policy on Material Subsidiary Download
Code of Internal Procedure & Conduct for Regulating Monitoring & Reporting of Trading by Insiders Download
Code of Practice and Procedures for Fair Disclosure of UPSI Download
Archival Policy Download
Preservation of Documents Policy Download
Determination of Materiality of Events Download
Nomination and Remuneration Policy Download
Familiarization Programme for Independent Directors Download